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About CYENS Nicosia²

Nicosia² aims to accelerate and support promising teams with hands on training in business modelling, service design, project management and finance as well as provide coaching throughout the entire 3-month accelerator program to help convert ideas into business proposals.

The programme is designed in 3 phases to support teams at every stage. The first phase is the soft application, where applicants from all around Cyprus with any background are invited to propose ideas that use Smart City / Digital Twin data and match at least one of the criteria below:

  • Innovative uses aiming at societal and environmental benefits
  • Create employment opportunities
  • Contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)
  • Promote a circular economy business model

All successful applicants of the soft application process will be invited to participate at the week long Basecamp to work with international experts in preparing their applications for the Accelerator. All participants of the Basecamp will present at the end of the week to compete for a place at the accelerator.

CYENS Techub capitalises on the fast development of the Smart City concepts to offer the participants of the Accelerator programme to rapidly develop and scale their business ideas. Our connection with the municipality of Nicosia will in creation robust and impactful solutions that will be ready for piloting.


Smart City

Digital twin


Phase 1: Soft Application 

Deadline: September 27

Soft application process is simple and consists of an online application form. You can access the application form here. 

Phase 2: Basecamp

One week hands-on training on framing your ideas and preparing for the entry competition, we call hard application. Hard application is a pitch event on CYENS premises held at the end of the basecamp. The winning teams will be selected to participate in the Accelerator.

Phase 3: Accelerator programme

Maximum of 15 teams will be invited to a 12-week Accelerator programme consisting of training, coaching, mentoring and a demo day at the end of the programme with awards for the winning teams.

Open data from other smart cities

Please find below some sources of open data from other smart cities that can help you in preparing your applications:

Open Data Dublin

Open Data Paris

Open Data Prague

Open Data Rome

Open Data Madrid






Open Data Athens

Open Data Berlin

Open Data London

Open Data Amsterdam

Open Data Brussels

Open data New York




What is phase one?

Phase one is the soft application phase. 

Soft application is an online form that can be filled here. 

Deadline for applications is 27 September 2021.

What is phase two?

Phase two is the Basecamp. 

Basecamp is a 5one week hands-on training on framing your ideas and preparing for the entry competition.

The base camp will take place between 4-8 October 2021.

What is phase three?

Phase three is the hard application. Hard application is a pitch event that will be done on 8 October 2021 to the Selection Committee. The best teams will be invited to the 3 month accelerator programme.

Who can apply?

We encourage anyone around Cyprus with any background to apply. 

How can I make sure my ideas are protected?

All the participants selected for the accelerator programme will be offered to sign an NDA with CYENS CoE. 



Sotiris Pagdadis

Strategist, Problem Solver & Investor

John Lingi

Machine Learning Engineer

Grant Cleveland

Digital Executive

Simon Jones

Strategy Consultant

Olga Shvarova

Commercialisation, Strategic Marketing

George Danos

Astronomy & Space research

Laurenz Reichl

Innovation Design