Assessing the Potential Use of Computer Vision for Food Stock Control and Management Onboard a Ship

CYENS, Safetytech Accelerator and marine services provider Oceanic to explore augmented reality and computer vision in assisting crew in the safe handling and storage of vessel provisions.

CYENS is the research and innovation centre of excellence in Cyprus focusing on interactive media, smart systems and emerging technologies aiming to empower knowledge and technology transfer in the region.

Oceanic is the leading marine catering, hospitality and wellbeing services specialist currently serving over 2,300 vessels, supporting clients across all sectors of the industry, from merchant shipping to offshore, leisure, and niche expedition cruises.

The collaboration will explore the use of augmented reality and computer vision to address on-board management of stock. This will lead to better management and utilisation of stock, reduction of food waste and improved hygiene and safety practices. Successful teams will be awarded with grants for running feasibility studies on vessels.