We aspire to connect humans to trees in a way that will empower creativity, encourage interaction with nature, reduce greenwashing messages and shift consumer behaviour from high carbon producing consumption.

We propose Treedentity, a tool which will collect the technical and physical characteristics and surrounding environment of a tree using data from satellites – sensors- drones, in order to form the tree’s unique ID.  

Municipalities and Governments will be able to monitor, plan and monetise on more green spaces. Corporates will be able to counter problems of additionality, double -counting and permanence when it comes to measuring and reporting the impact of their CSR campaigns.

Treedentity lends itself to many applications and multiple business models by entrepreneurs.   Artists/Educators/Gamers will be able to attach a ‘story’ on each tree ID and link to larger content. All the information will be tacked on a QR code which is then attached to the individual tree and can be scanned, read or otherwise experienced by visitors. 

Treedentity can facilitate new interactive ways to exhibit art, train and educate or entertain with games and hikes in parks, gardens and forests. 

Citizens’ well being will benefit from interacting with nature, experiencing cultural activities, learning and playing while trees will occupy more spaces and continue to absorb carbon.